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The Jaily Show is where Jay Ludgrove talks about about marketing, social media, entrepreneurship, video, podcasting and everything in between. Jay Ludgrove is Managing Director at GLProUK and @JayLudgrove on social media.

May 10, 2020

Welcome back to another rip-roaring episode of The Jaily Show! Today’s guest is Brian Burns, the host of two Podcasts both of which are in the top 15 business category on iTunes (‘The B2B Revenue Leadership Show, and The Brutal Truth about Sales and Selling’), author of four books on B2B sales and marketing as well as being a veteran of sales and marketing with over 25 years’ experience. This episode is packed full of great info as Jay and Brian delve deep into the minds of salespeople, marketers, and customers alike to discuss what has worked best for them throughout their careers.

In your sales career, how many times have you dreaded making a sales call, wondering if the prospect really wanted to hear from you? The latest surveys and research indicate that customer experience is the most significant differentiator these days. Listen along as Jay explains his techniques to help you become more engaging, successful, and a positive part of your potential customer’s experiences.